Creative Process

Drenthe is a rural region in the Netherlands. Van Gogh worked there. It has been populated since prehistory and most recently by Sil an organic farmer. He works the land with horses and lives in a restored farm house near the village Dwingeloo

An inspiring environment…
…to explore…
…with other related material.
My response; the idea of an organically growing form…
…intuitively develops further, here the Oak suggests a landscape.
Engaging the environment with camera and my idea…
…to best present the original inspiration.
Still further, always open to fortuitous circumstance…
Even further, and this is just a selection.
Selection of the image that best fulfills the processes potential.
This image best integrates the original inspiration with the processes potential.
Edited for clarity and printed.
Further worked with shellac and charcoal;
Shellac to enhance the warm glow of the organic growth form
Charcoal to sketch in Sil working the land with his horses.
The finished first version displayed in Sil’s farm house
‘G’day Mate. Sorry this took some time but you know what it’s like to grow things. Michael + Thea’ (inscription on verso)